SeaWorld Rescue Photo OP

On the rescue photo OP, I worked as the creative and artistic director from concept to installation. This was a remodel of an existing photo OP. First I had to develop a new green screen photo idea around the theme of rescue. I did several mock up images to show how much fun an action jet ski shot could be. I worked with project manager and the photography vendors to develop a set design layout that both captures the spirit of the initial concept and works with the lighting and camera set up for green screen. I gave feedback and approvals on final digital overlays, colors, and composition.


With the new photo OP there needed to be an exterior refresh as well. The surrounding area was a mix of blues and teals and had a very abstract underwater feel. The existing building was a brown and didn’t match anything around it. Since the base color was going to be blue to blend into the surrounding area, I pulled a dense pattern from the Rescue brand style guide to help draw more attention to the attraction that was dependent on guest traffic and sales.