DeepSEE VR: Orca 360

Orca 360 was an attraction design I saw through from concept to completion. I was given a one-page concept on what the experience expectations should be for this attraction and a budget. From there I put together a design team and oversaw all creative from concept to installation. I worked closely with the scenic team, did shop visits and scenic approvals; selected interior finishes like carpet, chairs, and light fixtures, and provided all interior and exterior graphics. I also coordinated with show control and lighting teams, and provided BGM and safety videos in collaboration with our vendors. 

In addition, I developed the guest experience show flow, putting together the SOP for the team members who would operate the attraction. This lead to on site install and training of the park techs, leadership, and ops teams. I worked closely with the VR team who worked independently on the film to ensure all design choices reflected the work that they have done on the feature film. 

The end result, the first ever, boutique virtual reality attraction for SeaWorld parks!